New Module Deployment

You can save money by eliminating the need to invest in new hardware and skilled resources to support your PeopleSoft module deployment. Our pay-as-you-go application support can provide predictable costs and shorter deployment timeframes.

"We achieved impressive results -- an upgrade and deployment in less than 100 days. Given this success, we expect to breakeven on our investment in the first year and achieve significant cost savings over the life of the contract." -- Chief Technology Officer at the University of Cincinnati Physicians.

How our clients benefit from our PeopleSoft module deployment services:

  • Take advantage of our PeopleSoft application experts, 24x7.
  • Utilize USORA hardware and networks.
  • Access to development environment (sandbox) quickly.
  • Development environment available on a short-term basis.
  • Our module experience removes the need to train in-house.
  • Reduce need to train while waiting for Oracle Fusion direction.