When your Corporation invests in Enterprise Resource Applications (ERP) such as PeopleSoft and Oracle, you want your business to benefit in a way that's




and costs less as well.

After all, your company's bottom line is on the line.

Who should you entrust to make sure that your company is effectively leveraging their state-of-the art technologies?

USORA Corporation Consulting

USORA specializes in the development of software dedicated to:

  • The latest in PeopleSofy and Oracle implementation
  • Advanced Web solutions foryour business
  • And customized enterprise applications for corporate Intranets

Our senior level specialists will work on-site to implement technological solutions that are specific to your industry and corporate needs. And, we do so at a cost-effective rate that challenges the advantages of offshore outsourcing.

Read on to learn more about who we are, what we do best, what's new in our field of expertise, and what differentiates Federal Enterprise from other consultancies.

Turning Knowledge into Opportunities

To leverage state of the art services with industry best practices to implement software solutions that provide direct benefits to you, our customers. To maintain the highest standards of quality, while minimizing customer costs and ultimately helping your business grow. To generate value added services in your business by actively making you, our customer’s lives better.”

What We Do

We are the PeopleSoft people that strive to find the best solutions to effectively leverage the technology. At USORA we develop software dedicated to PeopleSoft implementations, advanced web solutions for your business and custom enterprise applications delivered over corporate Intranets. We mix the benefits of on-site specialists with the cost advantages of IBM, CSC, CAP GEMINI and other offshore outsourcing to deliver serious web and ERP technologies that will benefit your company's bottom line.

Who We Are


USORA specializes in providing senior level consulting support is to Fortune 1000 companies throughout the American Midwest. We have focused our energies and talents on Enterprise Resource Application (ERP) including, but not limited to, PeopleSoft and ORACLE.

What Makes Us Different


Nobody knows your business better than you, so when it comes to these business critical Enterprise Resource Planning projects, you need to remain in control. USORA provides the most important tools - the personnel with the expert skills needed to get it done right, on time and with competitive value.

We Specialized in ERP

Specialized in staffing and project management for ERP Applications: PeopleSoft, Oracle, and CRM.

Ability to source, qualify and retain very specific ERP and high level IT talent to meet the exact needs of our clients. Our resource/project managers are experts at identifying the proper fit: The best available resource from our pool of talents...the one that really fits the need-with the skills, background, and personality that fits the team. Adaptability & flexibility equals to client-focused approach. Unlike large management consulting firms our procedures and approach are augmented and bend to meet the needs of our clients. We can build solutions based upon specific client needs.

Currently serving dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, and many respected large systems integrators. Are we supplying to YOUR suppliers?

Commit to Achieve Excellence Results

Team focused. Help and support every individual in a team environment and the share credit. A team rather than one individual often achieves success because we encourage collaboration to achieve your goal. No single individual will be overlooked for his or her effort and contribution. Our policy is to be accountable for our actions and mistakes.

We address them with contingency plan and we always plan to be successful with a realistic time period.

Walk the walk. We make our actions reflect our ethical commitments. It’s one thing to cite the value of certain behaviors and another to adhere to them. We do not compromise our standards. We remain professional in all our communications whether written or verbal. We take responsibility for serving as an example for others to emulate.

Stay positive. We do not harm other people’s reputations through negative discussion. We remain positive in all our interactions with our clients. Our consultants are trained to treat people justly and fairly. We remain open to allow others to make their decisions and act on them. We respect others opinions and be open to new ideas.


USORA maintains both a core staff and an actively managed contingent workforce of over 50well-qualified and certified PeopleSoft and ORACLE consultants. Many of them have been trained specifically with your industry and business model in mind. The industry’s top talent drives USORA, and we recognize each individual as an integral part of our success. We can match the right consultant with a particular job for highly successful, cost-effective results.


Since the inception of USORA we have worked hard to earn the respect of our clients and consultants with core values such as: honesty, quality, and timely job order responsiveness. We currently work with many major companies to reach their software consulting objectives. Recent clients include Ocean Bank of Miami, Hasting Entertainment, Constellation Energy and USCLA (University of California and Los Angeles).


Our mission at USORA is to uphold our reputation as a recognized leader in the specialty PeopleSoft and ORACLE ERP services market. Our clients rely on us to provide quality, timely support, expert skills, and value added services to improve their corporate systems. By successfully meeting their challenges and growing their businesses, we will continue to grow our own.


We have built a niche in the Midwest due to the complex nature of the work and the corresponding scarcity of highly skilled talent to perform such projects. We have built our reputation and client success history on our ability to identify, attract, and retain the region's top talent for our clients' precise requirements. 

Find out more about what differentiates USORA from our competitors.

Satisfied client comment -

" Their dedications were the key value added to the project that brought us out of the red with the public auditor and our experience was so positive that we practically begged them to come work with us full-time. How often does that happen? "

"Bang for yout bucks"
Hard working and detail oriented people
" Hard working and detail oriented people"