Application Management

We offer the most integrated approach to PeopleSoft application management services in the industry backed by - USORA's extensive global resources, technical innovation out of USORA research, and the deep industry knowledge of USORA Business Consulting Services and a global network of partners.

Take advantage of USORA's integrated approach for your PeopleSoft application management. While waiting to see how the Oracle acquisition will affect your future, we have the application and industry knowledge you require backed by our global resources, technical innovation and conveniently, located data centers.

Case summaries of clients who are benefiting from our application management.

  • How we manage other client PeopleSoft applications:
  • Maintain a pool of experts, 24x7.
  • Provide monitoring capabilities, 24x7.
  • Utilize high availability architecture.
  • Provide disaster recovery options.
  • Employ best - of - breed management tools.