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When your Corporation invests in Enterprise Resource Applications (ERP) such as PeopleSoft and Oracle, you want your business to benefit in a way that's seamless, flawless and effortless, and cost less as well. After all, your company's bottom line is on the line. Who should you entrust to make sure that your company is effectively leveraging the state-of-the art technologies?


Reduce Cost, Improve service delivery and Enable business innovation Information technology needs to be smarter and be able to meet business goals. Despite enormous advances in computing power, the world's IT infrastructure that is already under severe stress from today's computing task could easily become overwhelmed by the onrushing complexity and unprecedented data generated by nearly a trillion instrumented and interconnected devices, objects, processes and people.

Fortunately, help is at hand. It comes in the form of a new model called "application cloud computing or pay as you go services," in which PeopleSoft application processing, storage and networking are accessed as services over networks – public Internet or private intranets. This makes possible a new level of system intelligence - also known as "services management” with the potential to secure, authenticate, customize and just plain keep up with the coming wave of data complexity. Most importantly, the smart cloud computing will develop around your particular tasks. They will be optimized for workloads such as software development, virtual desktops, smarter traffic management and smarter retail. 

Businesses and civic ecosystems will be able to function more smoothly. As an example, consider the city of Wuxi in southeastern China, which developed a "cloud services factory" to provide application resources such as PeopleSoft Workforce Administration, Global Payroll, Vendor management to local companies. Their PeopleSoft and Java developers can access the application resources in minutes, and new businesses can hit the ground running like a sewing machine. Wuxi now has the potential to provide these services to hundreds of small and medium-sized companies, which represent the future of a city that sees itself as an engine for growth. 

Some clouds will extend the capabilities of a smarter planet to communities with limited resources. Thanks to a Student Administration implementation cloud, the 12-year-old computers of the Denver K12 Schools System in western Colorado now behave more like 2009 models that manage 27 school districts using the Student administration module, financial aid and for students and their parents to look at their information securely. This PeopleSoft cloud enabled the K12 school system to cut 62% of its schools' end-user support costs, while providing secure access to student content across 27 schools. Most importantly, 10,000 students can now access new courseware instantly-something that used to take more than a year. 

Another example of using our cloud services is that you will not be plagued by nature disaster such as Hurricane because your system data were backed up at our facility. Your HR and financial data will not suffer any disruption 

Around the world, banks, telecommunications providers, retail firms, governments and universities are using application clouds to optimize for specific economic and societal goals, and to infuse their technology systems with the depth of expertise like USORAC. All of these can be achieve through smarter application clouds that are now gathering on the horizon. Lets be smart about our planet. 

With USORA, you'll find affordable solutions based on insights and experience gained from working with current businesses. We are committed to providing innovative products, services and solutions that improve efficiency, do more with less, accelerate your ROI and seize new opportunities on a smarter planet. We are no different from the big corporation except that we have streamlined the process but without the corporate overhead that induces larger budget just to get your company goals satisfied.


Conserve energy. Consolidate resources. Make PeopleSoft Financial or Human Resources information secure and available whenever and wherever it's needed. With mandates like these, we have to be smarter about accessing, processing and storing the vital Financial and HRMS data. We cannot work in a silo mode while your global competitors are able to go full steam ahead and take over your territory.

This means thinking beyond your own boundaries and outside your own IT department. Thinking about more intelligent ways to manage your core business rather than spending an enormous of resources and budget to support the PeopleSoft applications.

The benefits of PeopleSoft pay as you go service or cloud computing is that you are able to access your company highly confidential data stored on remote hardware without worries about upgrades, data storage capacity, network throughput and committing an entire IT department to service the system on top of software development efforts.

Using USORA’s PeopleSoft cloud equation you can add in the flexibility to scale the bandwidth up or down at will and the affordability of pay-as-you-go service, and subtracts the resource-devouring factor. With our experience in security we have single-handed instrumented, interconnected, intelligent approach to smarter PeopleSoft application cloud computing.

It all comes together in a portfolio where the PeopleSoft application cloud services with the integrated infrastructure can bring value added to your bottom line. Besides the sophisticated automation technology process (GL, Procurement interfaces and self-service to tasks as diverse as payroll, vendor management, account receivable, benefit administration, and collaboration, USORA also include:

Development & test the FSCM 9.0 cloud solutions for secure, scalable PeopleSoft application development and testing.

Online collaboration tools, secure cloud based email, and more.

Solutions for storage, business analytics and information archiving in the cloud environment.

Business and infrastructure cloud consulting services for adoption, infrastructure and testing needs for

PeopleSoft applications.


The PeopleSoft Cloud Computing

As information technology touches more of our lives—from employee management to vendor management, on a growing range of Internet-connected devices- your PeopleSoft applications need better ways to extend its reach to more people and processes without sacrificing your bottom line. We can help with strategies for improving IT and business service management, workload solutions and delivery choice. Our PeopleSoft cloud solutions are workload optimized, built on integrated service management, and provide a choice of delivery options.

All resources in the same place at the same time are simply not applicable in this new age. Whether the need is to reduce the expense of HR and Financial department, or increase the productivity of remote HR and Financial teams, we can simplify disparate challenges with our pay as you go solutions that reside behind your firewall or on our secure virtual servers.

FSCM Cloud

HRMS Cloud


When your Corporation invests in Enterprise Resource Applications (ERP) such as PeopleSoft and Oracle, you want your business to benefit in a way that's




and costs less as well.

After all, your company's bottom line is on the line.

Who should you entrust to make sure that your company is effectively leveraging their state-of-the art technologies?

USORA Corporation Consulting

USORA specializes in the development of software dedicated to:

  • The latest in PeopleSoft and Oracle implementation
  • Advanced Web solutions for your business
  • And customized enterprise applications for corporate Intranets

Our senior level specialists will work on-site to implement technological solutions that are specific to your industry and corporate needs. And, we do so at a cost-effective rate that challenges the advantages of offshore outsourcing.

Read on to learn more about who we are, what we do best, what's new in our field of expertise, and what differentiates Federal Enterprise from other consultancies.

Turning Knowledge into Opportunities

To leverage state of the art services with industry best practices to implement software solutions that provide direct benefits to you, our customers. To maintain the highest standards of quality, while minimizing customer costs and ultimately helping your business grow. To generate value added services in your business by actively making you, our customer’s lives better.”