Case Study

What’s New In IT


  • License identification and procurement

  • New implementations

  • Quick start implementation

  • Rescue failed implementations

  • Data scrubbing & data migration

  • Integrate disparate systems

  • Complex migrations

  • Building complex APIs

  • Custom reports & dashboards

  • Automated workflows

  • User training & adoption

  • Marketing automation

  • 360-degree view of sales/customers

  • Event management

  • Payment integration

  • EDI integration

  • Invoice and order automation

  • Inventory monitoring & management

  • Centralized payments

  • Production planning

  • Materials requirements planning

  • Forecasting & scheduling

  • Order management


Enable business analysts to model and adapt processes to accommodate changing requirements such as.

  • Processes

  • Rules

  • Functionality

Layer configuration to protect adaptation through upgrades. The PeopleSoft Upgrade to version 9.2 will provide companies the means to get to Fusion without complication. The key to "Fusion" is really to provide standards across all application platforms without sacrificing Total Cost of Ownership in addition to protect your current application investment.

Steps to get there:

  1. Upgrade to current releases

  2. Adopt Fusion Reporting - The use of Publish Web Services Repository where the use of PDF, excel and etc. file format become the default standard reporting output with minimum IT involvement.

  3. Adopt Fusion BPEL Process Manager

  4. Adopt Fusion Analytics