Artificial Intelligent Cloud Security as a Service

Artificial intelligence (AI)—when leveraged with preparation and guardrails—is a game-changing approach to solving complex problems in cybersecurity. At its core, AI enables you to create and leverage intelligent agents, an intelligent agent that has been previously trained to solve a particular security problem such as millions of lines of code software engineers have written or it can identify abnormalities in user logins or even spot a malware for which a signature doesn't even exist yet. The agent sifts through massive amounts of data and learns from it to identify patterns that are normal and expected. When a trained agent is put in the line of defense, it puts what it has learned into action by analyzing the incoming data that the agent has never seen before. This is where USORA security expert can bring to the table. We will be able to develop rules and logics for your company that automatically recommend what corrective action to take on behalf of your security professional to mitigate a security issue.

The obvious reason you apply artificial intelligence is to minimize the occurrence of a security breach. But that doesn't mean that you will rip apart the current security fabric of the organization and replace it with USORA-AI tools. In fact, USORA-AI augments your current people, processes and tools. Further, it has the potential to do so at the entire continuum of security from prevention, detection, to response.

USORA-AI tool will provide the following:

  • Scan the source code with accuracy and 80% less false positives, and it helps engineers to discover security bugs before the applications are deployed to the production environment.

  • Detection of the external security threats that can infiltrate your organization's network.

  • Responding to threats. Advanced USORA-AI solution delivers information about the threats and also supply the surrounding context to your security incidence response team so they can respond to the 10% of the abnormalities threats whereas 90% of the common threats have been resolved automatically.