IT Resources

Turnover and lack of skills can be a constant concern. Not to mention the uncertainty of Oracle direction. You could spend less time hiring and training in-house by taking advantage of our PeopleSoft application expertise.

"A key factor in making this change was a need for 24x7 support for our global operations. To develop that in-house, in our dynamic environment, is unrealistic. You can't staff it 8 to 12 hours a day in the U.S. and then have people on would demand a multiple-shift environment, which would have been difficult for us to resource and fund." -- Colorado K12

How we manage our client's PeopleSoft and Dynamics applications:

  • Maintain a pool of experts, 24x7.

  • Provide monitoring capabilities, 24x7.

  • Utilize high availability architecture.

  • Provide disaster recovery options.

  • Employ best - of - breed management tools.